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Once you've aquired the airship travel once again to the Sanubia Sands. There you will find a large rock that will give you clues to finding the 10 hidden cactuars. Each time you have found one you will participate in a game where you must tag the cactuar when it allows you to. If you fail three times you recieve only a sphere del peredor. If you succeed you will initiate battle. Whether you lose battle or not, you receive a sphere containing the cactuars name. After gaining a sphere return to the rock and you will earn a clue.

Cacuar Locations:

Oasis~~~~~~Near the first save point
Sanubia Desert East~~~~~~In an alcove
Sanubia Desert West~~~~~~search sign reading "20% off"
Sanubia Desert Central~~~~~~look for two cactuars running
Sanubia Desert East~~~~~~under tent
Sanubia Desert Central~~~~~~trapt in treasure chest
Sanubia Desert West~~~~~~[exit area and return]inside a sand whirlpool
Oasis~~~~~~ride airship to bikanel, take a few steps back from save sphere and then approach once more. Look on airship deck
Sanubia Desert~~~~~~cactuar statue

After completing this and returning to the rock to activate the spheres, the sandstorm will stop. There is a chest areound containing mercury sigil.

If you have:

2 cactuar spheres~~~~~potion
8-9~~~~~friend sphere
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